Rome has long been recognized as one of the "culinary capitals" of the world. Each region in Italy has its own distinctive style of cuisine, and Rome is no exception. No visit to Rome is truly complete without sampling some of the regional food. So, instead of settling for generic "Italian" food, try some of these enticing local specialties!

Florence is magical -- a jewel of a city. Even when it’s is crowded with tourists, the blend of Italian Renaissance beauty, modern conveniences, excellent food and friendly people is something you have to experience to understand. There is so much to see and do in the city that it can be hard to pin down a doable itinerary. With that in mind, here are 10 places you absolutely must visit while you are there!

When you are traveling to Italy, time changes. Of course, there's a change of time zones, which is considerable if you're coming from North America. There are also subtle adjustments regarding the lifestyle of Italians and how they regard time on a daily basis. Italy conducts business in a different way than North America and it can take some time to get used to.

Today, Rome is a cosmopolitan city, where modern life coexists next to ancient relics. No trip to Italy would be complete without spending some time here. There is so much to see and do here that if you have time, it's great to devote at least a week to the city. Here are some of my favorite things about Rome.

Your trip to Italy will go a lot easier if you've got your travel plans figured out ahead of time. Unplanned travel in a foreign country can end up being difficult, and could provide unfavorable results if you are not able to experience things as you would have liked. Here are some tips on Italy travel - getting there, and getting around once you're in Italy.

As a potential tourist, you're wondering when to take your trip to Italy, so let’s look at what Italy weather you might find visiting at various times of the year.

Gondeliers in Venice are known for seranading their passengers as they glide through the canals of Venice. Even in Italy, people are paying attention to the US Presidential election, and here it's no different, as these gondeliers express their preferences in song!

There is no place on earth quite like Venice. It took a tremendous feat of engineering to create a city out of 118 small islands…and nature may someday reclaim this “living museum” of gondolas, bridges and ornate churches and palaces.

I found a fun post today over on Adventure is the Spice of Life. They have some antique photographs of Rome, which look at...