Top 6 things to See and Do in London, England

Top 6 things to See and Do in London, England


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To truly experience London, you also have to immerse yourself in local activities. Therefore, you’ll want to not only visit the amazing attractions, you’ll also want to experience life in London first hand. The following activities and sights are great items to include on your travel itinerary.


1. Stroll and Browse through the Shops on Oxford Street

On the weekends, become part of the shopping scene by browsing through the fashionable shops and boutiques in this well-known shopping district.


2. Order Fish and Chips

Whether you buy the popular English meal and snack at a stand or enjoy it at a restaurant, no trip to London should be taken without sampling this local cuisine.


3. See the City from the Top Level of a Double-Decker Bus

You can tour London from up high on one of the city’s red tour buses that feature a double deck. The activity is an inexpensive and fun way to get to know London as you can tool around town for the small price of a day pass.


4. Visit Big Ben

An iconic London landmark, Big Ben refers to the large bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament. The bell first chimed on New Year’s Eve in 1923. Renamed during the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 to the Elizabeth Tower, in honor of Queen Elizabeth, the edifice is striking (no pun intended) when it is lit at night.


5. Visit the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace plays host to evening tours of its state rooms, all which give visitors the chance to witness the gold and glitter and artwork of this section of the royal residence.


6. Visit the Tower of London

Nighttime tours are also offered of the Tower of London, all which lead visitors down gruesome corridors where yeoman guides convey spooky stories about the building’s past residents.