4 Travel Applications You Should Have on Your Smartphone

4 Travel Applications You Should Have on Your Smartphone


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Smartphones are great devices that are useful for more than just phone calls. They are excellent for keeping on top of a variety of things in downloading apps. Some apps fall under the category of travel, which any person who is planning a vacation should obtain. Travel apps can help in the organization, planning and navigation during vacation.


TripIt – Travel Organizer is a free app that can help anyone who is planning on going on vacation to better prepare for his or her trip. It makes organizing a trip far more convenient and eliminates the need to use multiple emails to do so. The traveler can easily create a neat itinerary through the app and conveniently share it with friends and family directly or on social media websites like Facebook. There is also a paid version that is appropriate for individuals who travel regularly.

Poynt is free and is a useful app for anyone who is traveling and not overly familiar with locating establishments near them. With it, the user can locate restaurants, hotels, events and even people near their general location. It works on GPS and can be a lifesaver when a person is traveling in an unfamiliar area.

Travelocity – Book Hotels, Flights & Cars is free and convenient as it allows a person to quickly locate flights, hotels and rental cars right at their fingertips on their smartphone. Once the individual has booked a flight, he or she can check the status of that flight as well as any delays or any other issues. When booking a hotel, the person can receive great mobile only deals that allow him or her to save money. It is even possible to find the best gas prices in the area through the app while on vacation.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights is free and is a full database of reviews related to travel. The app is easy to use and includes a “Near Me Now” feature that directs the individual to various places of interest that are in their current area. If a person is curious about a certain hotel or airline, they can explore the opinions of other travelers who have already experienced them and left reviews. The app also allows the individual to find the best price on flights and hotels.

With these easy to use applications, traveling is made easier with the simple touch of your smartphone screen. Feel free to leave comments below if you know of any other travel applications that can help someone traveling.