What to Wear on a Cruise

What to Wear on a Cruise


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High-Seas Fashion: what to wear on a cruise

Quantity and weight are often quite keenly regulated on a cruise, so you’ll want to ensure that you pack efficiently and are not left without key garments.

It sounds obvious, but make sure you check the weather for the entire cruise route and various stop off points before you start to pack.

For a cruise, you’ll need to pack for a wide range of occasions, from chilling out on board during the day to cocktail dresses for evening entertainment. Here’s our guide to packing for every eventuality:



If you’re taking a cruise somewhere hot and sunny, you’ll no doubt want to pack a few great pieces of swimwear for lounging around the pool. This is perfect for during the day and won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. But don’t forget that you might have to walk quite a way to the deck of the vessel, and may want to wander around a bit during the day. If you, you will probably feel more comfortable if you’ve got some sort of cover-up to slip over your bikini.

Don’t forget that it can get chilly at sea, so it’s a good idea to have at least one long-sleeve option for when the wind gets up.

Lots of cruises have gym and spa facilities, so you may want to consider bringing clothing suitable for exercise if that’s your bag.


Day Trips

For your destination, you will want to make sure you have clothes that are going to be comfortable and adaptable to the places that you’re visiting. If you’re cruising to hot climes, a bikini might be alright for the deck of the cruise liner, but you will want to make sure you have something more substantial for when you step off the boat.

Be sure to look up local customs, too. For example, somewhere like India, you need to make sure you’re fairly covered up at all times, so linen trousers and a blouse are ideal, whereas if you’re headed to the west coast of America, shorts and t-shirt will be fine.

Finally, check out the activities available to take part in at the stop-off points. You will be disappointed if golf is one of the options and you haven’t packed appropriate attire.



You cruise will no doubt have a variety of entertainment options, so you’ll need to be prepared for both smart/casual evening drinks, as well as cocktail gowns and heels for more formal occasions.

A great space saving trick is to pack a few plain evening dresses and invest in some statement accessories, such as clutch bags and necklaces. That way, you will be able to mix and match to channel a number of different looks with the same dress.

Remember: you will be visiting such a range of amazing places that you will want to bring back souvenirs and gifts for people. Try to be savvy with your packing to make sure you leave room for these essential extras once you get there.