Traveling through South Africa by Bus

Traveling through South Africa by Bus


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Traveling through South Africa by Bus

Traveling by Bus in South Africa: A Good Transportation Option for the Budget-conscious Traveler

Rather than renting a vehicle or traveling by plane, you may want to consider a more affordable way of transport if you plan to visit South Africa anytime soon. Bus service is a viable alternative as the country is represented by four major lines (SA Roadlink, Translux, Intercape, and Greyhound).

Enjoy the Ever-changing View

Travel is safe and comfortable in any of the air-conditioned coaches of the aforementioned lines. Passengers can sit back in a reclining seat, watch TV, or view the ever-changing scenery. Less comfortable coaches that provide less expensive travel are also available on the Translux, SA Roadlink and Intercape bus lines.

Greyhound offers Travel Outside of South Africa Too

Plus, if you want to venture outside of South Africa, you can do so by booking passage on Greyhound, which regularly travels to such African destiantions as Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia.

Traveling within South Africa via the Baz Bus

If you are really frugal or are backpacking through South Africa, then you may think about traveling via the Baz Bus, which is a transportation service that provides services to such South African cities as Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town. Baz buses provide hop-on-hop-off service with a fleet of about 20 buses, all which are designed with television entertainment and space for bags and luggage.

The Mini Bus Taxi – Still yet Another Inexpensive Mode of Transport

Even though it’s a very cheap way to travel, the mini bus, another option, is also not entirely safe. So, if you elect to choose this mode of travel, don’t catch the taxi at night and be careful about displaying any expensive items when you are traveling. Also, when you board the bus, make sure that you have your fee ready for the driver. Some passengers have been robbed while they were rummaging through their purse or pocket for the fare.