Travel Etiquette Tips for Travelers Overseas

Travel Etiquette Tips for Travelers Overseas


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Foreign Destination

Familiarizing yourself with the Culture and Etiquette

If you are planning to visit someone overseas or are going on a business trip to a foreign destination, then it’s a good idea to become familiarized with the country’s customs.

Each country has its own unique conventions and traditions. Therefore, in order to communicate with the locals you also have to understand a little bit about their expectations with respect to etiquette. After all, you are a guest in their country, so you’ll need to stay in sync with what’s expected of you.


Maintain a Reserved Demeanor in Social Situations in China

For example, if your travels take you to China, make sure that you are not overly expressive.

Outdoors Beijing China

When communicating or holding a conversation then, maintain a conservative stance. Locals do not appreciate it when someone waves their arms or uses expansive gestures in order to make a point.


Do you Like to Talk? Then you’ll Like Visiting South Africa

Should you journey to South Africa, then it is okay to be expressive, at least when it comes to conversing.

Socializing in South Africa

As South Africans enjoy the art of conversation, it’s a good idea to participate or become a part of the discussion group.


How to Dine in Austria

In Austria, when invited to dine, you need to stay standing until asked by your host to take a seat. Always place your napkin on your lap and wait for your host to invite you to eat before setting your fork to your plate. Plus, you’ll need to bring your appetite as well as it is considered rude not to eat the entire entrée. When dining too, it’s important to dress nicely or wear more formal attire, whether you are dining at the home of a business associate or friend or in a public restaurant or cafe.


Russian Greetings

If you are visiting Russia and are a female greeting another female, then kissing the other party on the cheek three times (beginning with the left cheek first) is a standard greeting. Men usually greet each other with a handshake. And, men and women, when meeting, also follow suit with a handshake as well.


Politeness is the Key to Communicating in France

Should your travels take you to France, then politeness is the rule. Don’t be too inquisitive or ask the other party too many questions as the French enjoy their privacy.

Fontaine des Innocents in Paris
Paris – Fontaine des Innocents

However, a friend is a friend is a friend in France and you can show your regard by greeting a friend with a kiss on his left cheek then right cheek, in that order. Also, again, remember politeness is the key. That means saying, Bonjour, Au Revoir, or Bonsoir while browsing in shops or dining.


Giving Gifts in India

If you are visiting a friend in India, then giving a gift is a standard practice. You’ll especially compliment the receiver by wrapping the treasure in such colors as red, yellow, or green – all propitious hues that are synonymous with good luck. Giving money is considered acceptable on happy occasions too.