Top 6 Things to See or Do in Beijing, China

Top 6 Things to See or Do in Beijing, China


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Forbidden City in Beijing, China
Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Distinguished by contrasts between the ancient and modern, Beijing is a hub that features fashionable malls, contemporary architecture, and iconic buildings and structures. So what are our top six things to do in Beijing? Top activities include the following:


1. Visiting the Great Wall of China

If you visit Beijing, seeing the Great Wall is a must-do activity. Located just outside the Chinese metropolis, the wondrous and historical wall is an unforgettable site to see.


2. Taking a Walk through Tiananmen Square into the Forbidden City

Visit the heart of the city by walking through Tiananmen Square into the Forbidden City – the setting for the imperial palace from the Ming to Qing dynasties. The Forbidden City was built in the early 15th century and is made up of 980 buildings, all which exhibit traditional Chinese architecture.


3. Visit the Summer Palace

Take a step back in time by visiting the Summer Palace which showcases gardens, Chinese temples and pavilions. A former royal retreat, the palace is the largest imperial park in the country.


4. Spend Several Hours at the Capital Museum and Become Better

Acquainted with Beijing’s Culture and History

If you want to delve further into Beijing’s culture, then you’ll want to drop in at the Capital Museum. The national museum allows you to get a nice overview of Chinese history.


5. Sample the Chinese Cuisine

Should you need to satisfy your palate, then Beijing offers you plenty of opportunities to do so. That’s because Beijing has over 50,000 restaurants. Therefore, you can sample Peking duck to your heart’s content.


6. Hire a Bicycle and Sightsee

Because the city’s roads are generally jam-packed, the easiest and most economical way to get around is by bike. Plus, taking a bike will give you some up-close looks of the urban scenery.