Top 6 Things to See and Do in Moscow, Russia

Top 6 Things to See and Do in Moscow, Russia


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The Red Square - Moscow, Russia
The Red Square – Moscow, Russia

You’re at the pulse of Russian culture when you visit the capital of Moscow. One of the top destinations in the world, Moscow features well-known sites and attractions that should be included on any travel itinerary to the historic city. So, what are our top six things to do in Moscow?


1. Take a Tour of Red Square

Red Square, probably one of the most renowned plazas in the world, will, no doubt, be one of the sites you’ll want to see. Any sightseeing journey should begin here as the Square leads to the city’s most popular sites and attractions. Resurrection Gate, in the square, which was formerly annihilated by Stalin, has been rebuilt and serves as the entrance to the plaza.


2. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral

Of course, because St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the main attractions along Red Square, you’ll naturally want to visit the structure. The architectural masterpiece was constructed per the edict of Ivan the Terrible.


3. Visit Lenin’s Tomb

Lenin’s Tomb, which can be accessed from Red Square as well, is free to the public. The mausoleum of the embalmed leader can attract long lines. So, you may have to wait awhile to gain entrance.


4. Spend the Day Viewing the Attractions at the Kremlin

Another major Moscow attraction that should be part of any Red Square adventure is the Kremlin. The structure, also referred to as the Moscow Kremlin, is situated in the hear t of the city north of the Moskva River west of Red Square.

One of the best known citadels in Russia, the Kremlin is comprised of four palaces, four cathedrals, and numerous towers, including the Ivan the Great Bell Tower (the highest pillar inside the Kremlin’s walls). Like the White House in the U.S., the Kremlin serves as the official residence of the President.


5. Shop or Dine on Tverskaya Street

Tverskaya Street, also referred to as Gorky Street, has been around since the Middle Ages. Today, the boulevard is one of the trendiest thoroughfares in Moscow. You can reach the street by taking a train from Red Square via Belorussky Railway Station.


6. Sample the Russian Cuisine

Naturally, if you find yourself traversing along Tverskaya Street, you’ll want to locate a restaurant that features Russian cuisine. Because of their climate, Russians prefer dishes that feature potatoes, beef, pork, bread, eggs, and butter. They also like specialties that include such items as onions, garlic, sour cream, cabbage, cucumber, or mushrooms.

Therefore, main courses might include omelets (which are eaten for breakfast), kotlety (or chops), pelmeny (pastry balls containing minced meat), otbivnaya (beef or pork steak), beef stroganov (beef combined with cream sauce), or potatoes and mushrooms. For upscale fare, visit the Café Pushkin, which features both French and Russian cuisine, and is just steps from Tverskaya Street.