Top 6 Things to Do and See in Berlin, Germany

Top 6 Things to Do and See in Berlin, Germany


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the Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany
the Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany

Home to walking tours and interesting architecture, Berlin should be placed on anyone’s travel itinerary who is exploring the European continent. So what are our top six things to do in Berlin? All of the following activities and sites will provide you with a great travel experience.


1. Take a Hike through Grunewald

Grunewald (Green Woods), which is the largest wooded area in Germany’s capital, is a great area for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to explore. Bike, horseback ride, or hike through the forest park. You may also want to take a guided tour while you are there and visit Tuesfelsberg – a manmade incline that was constructed by the allies from Berlin’s rubble after the war.


2. See the City from the Glass Dome of the Reichstag

Another great site to see is the Reichstag, which was built in the latter part of the 19th century. Revamped in 1993, you can now look out from the building’s glass dome and view Berlin from every angle.


3. Walk Along the Berlin Wall

With only a partial section remaining, the Berlin Wall is still a landmark that should be added to any Berlin travel plan. Graffiti decorated bricks add interest to the remaining section of the structure.


4. Visit the Museum at Checkpoint Charlie

Take time to visit the Museum at Checkpoint Charlie as well. Established by Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt, a human rights activist, the museum was opened in 1962 and, at that time, featured exhibits related to the just erected Berlin Wall. Now the museum explores the history of the wall and the people affected by its construction.


5. Escape from the Hustle and Bustle in the Tiergarten

A diversion from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Tiergarten (Animal Garden) is a large urban park that is heavily forested – another escape from the city, just like the Grunewald.


6. Eat German Fast Food or Currywurst

Naturally, you’ll want to sample the German cuisine when you visit the German capital. Berliners love currywurst, which is a popular fast food item in Germany. The dish, which is made up of pork sausage and seasoned with curry catsup, is the invention of Herta Heuwer, who created the cuisine in 1949. She later sold the fast food to construction workers who were rebuilding the city after the war.