Top 5 Fall Foliage Destinations & Corresponding Beer Sanctuaries

Top 5 Fall Foliage Destinations & Corresponding Beer Sanctuaries


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Top 5 Fall Foliage Destinations

Here we’ve highlighted the Top Five fall foliage destinations and corresponding beer sanctuaries.


5. Allentown, PA

So they may have closed all the factories down (bringing tears to Billy Joel’s eyes), but, the locals are still rocking and rolling. Located a mere 16 miles northeast of Allentown’s city proper, Weyerbacher Brewing Company is one of Pennsylvania’s most dynamic brew houses. Drop grandma off at the nearest bus tour and hustle on down to Easton to be one of the first to try Weyerbacher’s newest wild ale, Rapture. At 6.7% ABV, this Sour Beer will warm your bones. By the time you pick her up and she starts complaining about the freezing air conditioning on the bus, you’ll be too relaxed to care.


4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN

Nestled comfortably on the edges of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Smoky Mountain Brewery is convenient and delicious. You can keep close track of the old folks (I recommend tying a balloon to their backpacks) while enjoying a Tuckaleechee Porter and the free cool breeze from the comfort of the outdoor patio. If they haven’t returned by night fall, simply stumble up the old logging road to alert the Park Ranger. Don’t forget to mention the balloon!


3. Stowe, VT

A perfect example of trip-planning synergy, the Trapp Family Lodge provides everything you could need for the adventurous traveler from age 21 to 101; Austrian style lodging, beautiful scenery, bird watching, hiking, and, of course, a curious collection of American style lagers brewed on site in the former location of the Austrian Tea Room. With the Vienna Amber getting my nod, it’s tough to go wrong with any of the selections on tap. Just close your eyes and point. You’ll be happy in the end.


2. Berkshires, MA

Located in Western Massachusetts, the Berkshires offer a convenient sight-seeing destination for travelers in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Packed with a wide range of activities, you’re going to need to find a special brewery to pass the time while pops gets his apple-picking on. Thankfully, Berkshire Brewing Company is bringing the seasonal barley pop heat in South Deerfield. Head on over and get into the holiday spirit with a 22 oz. bottle of the Oktoberfest Lager. Strong and tasty, this beer will quickly rise to the top of your fall beer favorites.


1. White Mountains, NH

The White Mountains are ranked number one this year for a good reason. Beautiful and majestic, the ranges provide an opportunity to turn any amateur photographer with a digital camera into a pro. Just point and click. So long as Granny remembers to take the lens cap off, she’ll have pictures to show (er, bore) her friends for months. It’s worth taking a walk around during the day if you have the time. But what to do after an early bird dinner and the old heads hit the sack mid-Jeopardy? Roll on up to the Woodstock Inn Brewery. Autumn Ale Brew is out and ready to soothe your spirits. With hints of apple and cinnamon, this Ale provides the perfect end to a busy fall day. Your biggest challenge will be trying not to fall asleep with your shoes on in front of the fire.