Titanic World’s Largest Museum Attraction

Titanic World’s Largest Museum Attraction


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Titanic World's Largest Museum Attraction
Titanic World’s Largest Museum Attraction


The Titanic doomsday is a story that one can seldom forget. It has been a tragic incident for thousands of people when the whole world watched. But soon common people do forget all about them as per their convenience.


Titanic Museum Attraction is one such place which truly refreshes the memory of those days. Even after 99 years of the unfortunate maiden voyage, this place is capable of giving you goose bumps when you actually see the things laid out in front of your eyes which were of use in the gigantic Titanic. This enthralling museum is located in Branson, 3235 76 Country Blvd & Hwy 165, MO in the heart of the USA.


Half the size of the original, the Branson Titanic museum stands at 100 feet, and its bow sits in a flowing water fountain creating an illusion of the sea. You will be greeted by a British woman in a servant’s costume, who offers boarding passes with Titanic passenger’s names. During the tour, you can search throughout the museum for objects or stories pertaining to your passenger. At the end, you discover whether your passenger lived or perished.


There is a huge 18 foot Titanic model, actually the most accurate ever built! You may roam into the shipyard to see architectural plans, read personal stories about the builders and play in the boiler room where you may hoist a heavy shovel to put coal into a fake furnace.


In Branson Titanic museum, there is something to see for everybody. It also represents all class of people, starting from the rich and famous travelling in the first class, to general passengers, the crew members and also the truly heroic officers. You will pass through authentic third- and second-class cabins.


You will ascend a full-scale replica of the Grand Staircase with a cherub light at the stairs’ base and a clock at the uppermost landing, just like in the 1997 movie Titanic. At any moment, Jack and Rose may enter.


Branson Titanic museum has mainly two sources from which it recovers its various artefacts. Mostly the ones recovered directly from the ocean bed which comprises of a variety of things like clothes, furniture, pieces of the ship itself, documents and jewels. The second source is belongings of the lucky people who managed to escape the misfortunate ship in time. There are many people who have send across their clothes, life jackets, small possessions used in Titanic, menus and many more items to be displayed across to the world. There are over 400 objects in the museum.


Near the museum’s exit, director James Cameron’s 26-foot model of the rusted Titanic created for his movie sits in a large glass case. The museum is the only place the model has been publicly displayed.


It is not every day that you time travel to one of history’s most tragic events in such a classy and historically accurate manner while looking at rare objects worth millions of dollars. It is certainly a must see to remember the chronicle of a lifetime which the world has now forgotten.