The Best Times to See Europe

The Best Times to See Europe


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Image by Zach Dischner. (CC BY 2.0)

The Months of July and August See a Good Amount of Activity

If you are planning a visit to Europe, you may be wondering when it’s best to go. Typically, the high season for travel, at least for Central Europe, is during July and August.


However, many travelers are finding that traveling in either late spring or early fall is often preferable as the temperatures are milder and the crowds fewer in number. If your travels take you farther north, or to Scandinavia, then, to avoid the chillier temperatures, it’s best to go during the summertime.


Travel to the Mediterranean Area – Go During the Cooler Times of

the Year

Or, maybe you are planning to travel to destinations along the Mediterranean Sea, such as southern Greece or Spain. As the temperature can climb quite high on the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale during mid-summer, it may be better to opt for a time when the temperatures are milder such as late spring or early fall.


Winter Traveling: Avoiding the Crowds

Some sites and attractions close their doors when high season (or July and August) is not in full swing. So, if you visit Europe, say, during, the colder months of January and February, you may have to choose to forego some of your sightseeing plans in lieu of another activity, such as shopping.

However, if you really do not want to have to fight the crowds, then you won’t mind the peace and solitude of winter traveling. Just remember though that during the late fall and winter seasons the hours of daylight are in shorter supply. So your opportunity to shop, dine, or visit an attraction will also be limited too.


If you Plan on Seeing the Sights, Travel during the High Season or in the

Late Spring or Early Fall

Therefore, the best time to see Europe is dependent on where you plan to go, the seasonal temperatures, and your individual preferences. However, if you plan to make a full day of seeing the sights or shopping and dining, it’s best to go during the high season in July or August. More daylight hours are available during this time of year and you’ll be able to get in to see most sites and attractions. If you can’t handle the crowds or the heat, traveling during the late spring or early fall is a good alternative.