The Best Time to Travel to Australia and New Zealand

The Best Time to Travel to Australia and New Zealand


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Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Remember: If you are Planning a Trip Down Under that the Seasons are the Opposite of What they are in the North

If you are planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand, you have to remember that the seasons are the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere as what they are in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, when people in the U.S. are, for the most part, sweltering in the months of July and August, people down under are usually experiencing colder temperatures.


The Rainy Season Falls in November and December in Northern Australia

That being said, you still have to take into consideration too that Australia, for instance, covers a lot of territory. Therefore, the weather may be warmer or rainier in one part of the country than it is in another.

Usually, it’s not advisable to visit the northern part of Australia in the months of November and December because the continent receives a good deal of rain at this time of year and it can become uncomfortably hot and humid. While it is not as rainy as it is in the northern part, the southern part of Australia can become pretty hot too. However, the temperature is normally a bit cooler in the city of Melbourne.


February and March – Better Times to Choose to See on Australia

February and March in Australia represent the late summer and early fall. However, the southern part of the Australian continent can still be rather warm. Nevertheless, given that most places are equipped with air conditioning, the warm weather should not be too stifling unless you are planning to go camping.


February and March – Good Months to Choose to Visit New Zealand Too

The south island of New Zealand is generally cooler than the northern half of New Zealand in late spring and early summer (November and December) because it receives more precipitation. Typically, though, February and March are the best times to see New Zealand’s northern and southern islands as the weather and temperatures are more agreeable.


December is High Season Down Under

Just remember, unlike the United States, the further south you travel, the cooler it will be. Also, December in Australia and New Zealand is considered to be the high season as December is early summer down under. Therefore, you’ll have to pay more for your airfare and accommodations.

In addition, because December falls within the holiday season too, you’ll need to make your trip reservations in advance. If you want to avoid the crowds and pay less for your trip then, it’s generally best to go during the months of February or March.