Singapore Travel Guide and Travel Information

Singapore Travel Guide and Travel Information


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Singapore Travel Guide and Travel Information


A Tropical Climate

Because the small island country of Singapore is located so close to the equator, it’s sunny and hot most of the time. Therefore tourists experience rain showers throughout the year. Most of the hour-long downpours occur during the late afternoon or evening. Therefore, carrying an umbrella proves to be useful, whether you’re shielding yourself from the sun or from unexpected rain. Evening temperatures average around 78 degrees Fahrenheit no matter when you go.


A Few Singapore Travel Guide Specs

Located south of Malaysia, the country is defined by beautiful shorelines and lush, green vegetation. The Southeast Asian country is made up of the island of Singapore as well as 50 smaller isles. Containing a population of around 4 million people, the country is represented by the Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures. Official languages include Chinese, Tamil, and Malay, with the main religions being Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Singapore is the capital.


A Tourist-friendly Country

This Singapore travel guide can point you to a number of fun and interesting activities as the country is committed to attracting tourists to its shores. As a result, a number of resort facilities and shopping areas serve as venues for people seeking to escape to this part of the world.


The Island of Sentosa

For example, the isle of Sentosa, located close to Singapore, provides guests with such amusements as a water park and rides, orchid garden, and an aquarium. Attractions are featured in the jungled area, including a crocodile farm and butterfly park. Nearby islands, such as Bintan, also attract travelers with their beaches of snow white sand, coconut palms, and tropical greenery.


A Lot of Greenery

Although Singapore is ranked as the second most densely populated country in the world (Monaco is first), it still conveys a lot of natural beauty. More than half its acreage is made up of parks and nature reserves.


A Visit to the Jurong Bird Park

Because Singapore is home to many natural areas, you’ll find an abundance of wildlife, especially among the avian population. For example, theJurong Bird Park, which is home to around 7,000 species of birds, enables visitors to get close-up glances at such exotic birds as the flamingo and the Macaw parrot.


See the Orangutans at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Trained orangutans reside at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and you can witness numerous forms of wildlife on a nighttime safari. Wild animals indigent to the country include the slow loris, the wild boar, the whiskered bat, the tiger, and various dolphins species, including the Long-beaked dolphin, the grey dolphin, and Fraser’s dolphin.


The Singapore River: A Divider between the Old and New

The Singapore River, which runs through the capital of Singapore, segregates the city into two distinct sections. You can see traditional Chinese pagodas in one area and look upon contemporary skyscrapers and luxury hotels in the other part of town.


A Unique Variety of Cuisine

When you’re hungry, you can enjoy such entrees as Peking duck, crabs in hot sauce, and stews and soups flavored with coconut. Diners can also feast on lobster or roasted pig, or enjoy such exotic fruits as mangosteens.


Major Areas in the Capital

The center of the capital is situated in the southern part of the country and features a civic district, known as Riverside, the Orchard Road shopping area, and Marina Bay, a resort attraction that highlights a shopping mall, casino, and luxury accommodations.


Other Noteworthy Areas

Other areas of interest include Chinatown, Bugis and Kampong Glam (another shopping enclave), and Hougang Mall, which is located in the Northeast section of the capital. If you’re on a budget, you can find low-cost accommodations on Balestier Road as well as in the district of Toa Payoh.


Luxury Hotels

For travelers who only want the best and to be pampered, then the top choices for hotel stays include the Forest by Wangz and the Raffles Hotel Singapore. Either hotel will run you around $500+ per night.