Samba Dance in Brazil

Samba Dance in Brazil


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Samba Dance in Brazil

The Samba dance in Brazil is one of the liveliest and diverse kind of dances you will come across in the world, because of the different cultural backgrounds and music styles.

The Samba does not come into any certain category of dance because there are several styles involved. Samba has become one of the world’s most famous Latin dance styles.

If you are planning to go to Rio during the carnival season, then you will surely get the best of all dance styles and music genres over the period of four days. But if you want a less touristy experience of the samba schools, you can easily arrange to watch the rehearsals between August and February which are mainly held around the Zona Norte area.

With this style of dance being integrated into the culture of Brazil, you will also be able to find a few clubs that are just dedicated to Samba.  One being out in Barra de Tijuca as the Club to Samba which is an open air bar with a great environment to get your dance shoes on and give it a go.

You can also head towards Lapa where the bars and clubs play to a variety of local rhythms and Samba to an excited and upbeat local crowd.

The Carico da Gama is one of the hottest clubs to visit, which is open Monday through Saturday from 6pm onwards and gives you hot tunes and steamy dance moves from some of the best dancers around.