Roscommon County, Ireland

Roscommon County, Ireland


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Roscommon County, Ireland


The Federal Republic of Ireland is home to many tourist sites. It is a nation endowed with vast natural vista. The ancient country also has diverse man-made sites which have not ceased to stun visitors over time. A visit to the Roscommon County in Ireland is really worth it. Roscommon is grandeur to behold. It is well-known for the meandering country roads, farmlands with lush vegetation and breath-taking lakes. Moreover the pedigree that grace Roscommon is surpassing as regards music. As a matter of fact, Percy French, the popular poet and musician was born there. Also, Turlough O’ Carolan the foremost harpist and doyen of music spent a great portion of his life in this midland County.


As said earlier, diverse attractions finds place in Roscommon. The Strokestown house, which accommodated the King household from 1603 through 1788 houses the famine museum which is a spectacle to behold. The museum takes callers back memory lane to the 1840s when the Irish people had to cope with famine. This house has undergone reconstruction, undertaken by the council of Roscommon County. Native skilled men were employed for the job in order to retain its originality.


The Boyle and Drumanone Dolmen Abbey will surely engage tourists. They are sited in Boyle, a town in Roscommon. What about the Roscommon castle ruins? A wholly captivating experience it is bound to be for every visitor as they see the vestiges of great traditional architectural masterpieces. Boyle is also the location of the Lough Key forest park which offers a charming panorama as regards the grounds for picnic, walks that gives an exceptional vivid sight of nature, fun fishing and an overwhelming view of ancient craftsmanship and genius. Moreover in this park, you might be wrapped in fear on sighting the wild deers. But they wouldn’t do any harm. You are just free to be engrossed as you watch them live their own lives.


Investiture ceremonies of the monarchs of Connacht are opined to have taken place in Roscommon. The Glenballythomas and Rathcroghan monuments support this notion. Situated on a two square mile piece of land, earth works which dot the landscape are believed to be sepulchers. In fact, a seven-foot stone found there is said to be the tomb of King Daithi who was slain by Lightening.


Though uncommon to many tourists, Roscommon is a place to be explored. For many who adore the mix of a lively environment and serenity, this County is a pleasant choice. Sincerely, Roscommon inhabitants are known for the outstanding reception they offer visitors. More so for lovers of cycling, fishing, walking, golfing and other outdoor activities, Roscommon is ready to bid you a rousing stay. Most assuredly, you will have the best of times.