If you're planning a trip to Florence, you're probably wondering when is be the best time to go. After all, you don't want to arrive there when it's cold and raining, if you were hoping to spend your time lingering outside at the sidewalk cafes. So here's a guide to when it's the best time to visit Florence! . . . Read article...
10 Top Things to Do in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a gorgeous area of Italy with olive groves and magnificent wild beauty. It also has outstanding ancient towns filled with Renaissance art for you to admire. So what are our top ten things to do in Tuscany?

Venice is more than surrounded by water -- it has the water of the Adriatic running in its veins. One unfortunate effect of this is that high tides or heavy rains can cause flooding in the city. In December 2008, one of the highest tides in its history hit Venice. People waded through the streets in high boots, or walked on the boardwalks above the flood waters. See how the 4th highest tide in recorded history (records there have been kept since 1872) hit the city.

The national sport of Italy is soccer, and the country is crazy for it. If you're there during the World Cup, you'll find televisions everywhere tuned in, with crowds standing around watching. That included tourists! Cafes will have signs posted of times different teams are playing, so that fans of the German, US, Korean, or any other team know when to show up to cheer on their favorites. But the biggest crowds are for the Italians...

Zooming around the streets of Rome on your scooter... That would make me nervous, but the Italians sure do it! (Of course driving a car in Rome makes me nervous too, as does being a passenger in a Roman taxicab!) Danger aside, the scooters do make a lot of sense. It saves on gas (expensive in Europe), and it's a whole lot easier to find room to park than a car! :-) ...

What would it be like to wake up in Venice in the morning? This lovely, atmospheric video gives you the feeling of a different side of Venice, away from the hectic crowds of San Marco. This is a peaceful, calm, lovely Venice. One that makes you want to stroll aimlessly through the back streets, just enjoying the scenery, and listening to the ever-present sounds of lapping water. And most of all, it makes me want to wake up in Venice in the morning!

Rome has long been recognized as one of the "culinary capitals" of the world. Each region in Italy has its own distinctive style of cuisine, and Rome is no exception. No visit to Rome is truly complete without sampling some of the regional food. So, instead of settling for generic "Italian" food, try some of these enticing local specialties!

Florence is magical -- a jewel of a city. Even when it’s is crowded with tourists, the blend of Italian Renaissance beauty, modern conveniences, excellent food and friendly people is something you have to experience to understand. There is so much to see and do in the city that it can be hard to pin down a doable itinerary. With that in mind, here are 10 places you absolutely must visit while you are there!

When you are traveling to Italy, time changes. Of course, there's a change of time zones, which is considerable if you're coming from North America. There are also subtle adjustments regarding the lifestyle of Italians and how they regard time on a daily basis. Italy conducts business in a different way than North America and it can take some time to get used to.