Online Travel Booking Secrets

Online Travel Booking Secrets


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Travel Booking Secrets


The Secrets to Book Travel Online

You have to shop for great online travel deals. Booking travel online has become more and more popular and with reason! It is convenient and safe if you know on what sites to shop. In recent years many online travel sites have appeared but as in any other business, some are good and some are to avoid. So the secret to find the deal of the year for a great vacation at the lowest price possible is to read below the great tips and tricks of cheap online booking.


The tips and secrets for booking travel Online

As OnLine travel booking sites keep popping up and offering the best prices and deals on all travel essentials like flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and vacation deals, it’s hard to know where to buy, how to buy cheap and how to buy in confidence… It’s good to know that Online travel booking sites are more and more popular because they are convenient, easily accessible all day and night, they provide quick travel and booking info and most of the time they offer better prices than would a traditional travel agent. As business evolves, times change and competition fights over you, the customer, it’s good to have the latest information on the best ways to book online. So, what are the secrets of purchasing travel on the internet? Here are a few secrets from experienced travelers.


1. Start Early

Choose 3 or more trusted booking sites as early as possible! (Expedia should be in your choices) The earlier you start shopping the better. As your departure time approaches the fare goes up. Some trusted Online travel booking sites:


2. Keep Comparing

Keep comparing prices offered on the sites you have chosen. There could be drastic price changes from one day to another offered by a particular company. There can be a big price difference from one company to another. Don’t give up, until you finalize booking compare every day, every week; depending on how much time you have left before departure.


3. Last Minute Deals

Last minute deals offered by online travel planning sites often offer great prices on flights, hotels and vacation packages but you have to be ready to leave on very short notice. Last minute deals are offered by companies to liquidate:

1. cancellations
2. unsold packages (sometimes broken up; flight, hotel…)
3. unsold flight seats with “bad” schedule, connection…
4. specials offered by wholesalers
5. any other reason to give you a good price!


4. Newsletters

Sign-up for the newsletters! Yeah, i know, everybody has enough of their e-mail inbox full of spam but this is worth the try, trusted travel planning companies (some listed above) usually stick to the deal and when you sign up for their newsletter they only send what you have signed up for and do not sell your e-mail address.