Middle Eastern Travel: Iran

Middle Eastern Travel: Iran

The Ancient Allure of the Middle East


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Tehran, Iran

The Middle East is a draw for travelers despite its political unrest and warring factions. That’s because this area of the world is steeped in history and culture. You only have to make a sojourn to any of the countries in this region to appreciate the ancient landscape. This part of the world is home to the historic countries or Arab states of:

• Iran;
• Jordan;
• Lebanon;
• Oman;
Saudi Arabia;
• Syria;
• Qator;
• Yemen; and
The United Arab Emirates.

Arranging Travel can Take Some Time if you are Journeying to Iran

That being said, you still wouldn’t think that Iran is necessarily a good travel destination. However, any hostility, you’ll find, is now due more to the politics rather than any overt hostility on the part of the citizenry. Typically, travelers are treated well. However, people from the U.S. cannot make travel arrangements unless they are accompanied by a guide and obtain a visa. These kinds of restrictions make trip planning a somewhat lengthy process, all which can entail waiting a couple months before you can finally travel.

Visiting Tehren

That being said, some intrepid tourists still don’t mind the wait in order to see one of the world’s most ancient countries. Iran, which was called Persia until the mid-30s, has a history that dates back to the 500s B.C. You will indeed experience a culture like no other when you visit such cities as Tehran or Isfahan (which was Persia’s capital in the sixteenth century). In Tehren, the Homa Hotel provides comfortable lodgings while the Khayyam Traditional Restaurant specializes in local fare. Enjoy the lamb stew or dizi – a concoction made up of lamb, potatoes, onions and garbanzo beans.
Other Attractions in the Country
Tourists, in winter, head to the Alborz Mountains to ski while history buffs travel throughout the year to see the architecture in Isfahan. The Ali Qapu Palace and the Inmam Mosque, both located in the former capital in Naghsh-Jahan Square, were built in the seventeenth century.
Find Resort Accommodations on the Island of Kish
In addition, Kish, an island on the Persian Gulf, offers resort accommodations at the Dariush Grand Hotel, where white sands and water sports attract visitors from all over the world.
Not a Credit Card-friendly Country
Regardless of where you may choose to go or stay though, bring along cash. You won’t be able to use your credit cards except at the largest hotels. Also, ATMs do not link to American banks.