London Tube, Piccadilly Line

London Tube, Piccadilly Line


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London Tube, Piccadilly Line


Have you ever taken the metro in London? It’s colorful and clean! Who would have thought that the metro is so clean in London! I was the first to be surprised. Be prepared to be amazed!
I know the French metro, and for sure they can not be comparing with respect to cleanliness. While inside the Paris metro you can smell pee and dust, it is cold and dark, not to mention that it’s very dirty everywhere, the London tube is very clean, fresh and very well lighted.

So I arrived this morning in London Heathrow airport and I had to pick up the train in London St. Pancras Station. That is so easy in London to find your way, well I have been told before by some people that it’s very hard and hazardous but I really disagree as it was so easy for me. May be things have changed since then, anyway let me explain.
The London Tube is directly connected to the airport and you just have to go downstairs and follow the board, the famous Tube logo, a red circle with a blue board in his middle.

The metro line which connects the airport is the Piccadilly line, the dark blue one. I didn’t wait that long to have a metro and it took me around 1 hour to get to King’s Cross St. Pancras station to get my Eurostar train to Paris.

The first thing which surprised me is that the metro is very clean, inside and outside, the corridors are very bright and clean, no graffiti or tags on the metro wagons or on the walls, no papers on the floor, no signs of vandalism anywhere.

I guess this is might due to the many cameras everywhere in the London Tube, may be but not only. The design of the metro is colourful inside; seats are comfortable, like in a sofa in fact.

I enjoyed this trip in the London Tube very much and that is another story when I arrived in Paris Gare du Nord and I took the metro there, OMG!

It is not every day that you time travel to one of history’s most tragic events in such a classy and historically accurate manner while looking at rare objects worth millions of dollars. It is certainly a must see to remember the chronicle of a lifetime which the world has now forgotten.