How to Travel by Car in Europe

How to Travel by Car in Europe


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travel by car in europe

Younger and Older Travelers can be Charged more for Renting a Car

When renting a car in Europe, you may come upon some restrictions if you are a younger driver or an older driver over 70. Of course, much depends too on where you rent your vehicle as age limitations vary by the country, the car type and the company. So, if you are younger, you may have to either purchase additional insurance or pay an extra surcharge for enjoying the privilege to drive.


If you are Between 21 and 25 Years Old, Confirm the Rental Car Price

Before Traveling

Extra surcharges can run as much as $40 per day, so you’ll have to make sure just what you’ll be assessed before traveling. If you are under 21 years old, generally you won’t be able to rent a vehicle. However, drivers between 21 and 25 years old should find out what it will cost them to rent a car before they book a flight and head out the door.


Drivers 70 and Older Can Have Difficulties Renting in Eastern European


If you are the tender age of 70 or older, then you may have difficulties trying to rent a vehicle in such countries as Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, In addition, older drivers can find that renting a car can be a hassle in eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, or Poland.


A Feasible Alternative to Renting – Leasing a Vehicle

Should you find renting prohibitive then, you may have to lease a car, which, for travelers, means purchasing a vehicle and then selling it back. This transportation alternative reduces the amount you’ll pay overall for taxes and insurance and is indeed a feasible option if you are a younger or older traveler and planning to stay in Europe for a month or more. In fact, if your journey is going to last more than two months, leasing a car in Europe can be more advantageous economically than buying a Eurail pass.


The Longer you Lease a Car, the Lower the Daily Rate

What’s more, in Europe, you can obtain leases for as long as half a year. Cars can be leased in such countries as Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and France. Expect to pay less on the lease the longer you hold the car. For example, leasing a car for a couple months will generally run you almost half of the daily rate paid for a vehicle that is leased for only a couple weeks.