How to Pack a Suitcase in the Most Efficient Way

How to Pack a Suitcase in the Most Efficient Way


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How to Pack a Suitcase in the Most Efficient Way


When you travel one of the most beneficial things you can do before leaving is create a travel packing list to ensure you do not forget anything. There are certain items that you may not think of but you will wish you did pack. Here is our guide on how to pack a suitcase and packing list tips.


Health and Hygiene Accessories

One of the most important groups of travel accessories that you need to think about before you leave is items that concern health and hygiene. A water purifier, first aid kit, ear plugs, and bug and mosquito repellent are all important items to take with you. A first aid kit contains sterile dressings and band aids that you are familiar with in case you get injured while away.


Security Packing Items

Security is also important while travelling especially with the increase in identify fraud. Some countries are notorious for pick pocketing so a wallet chain can also be essential items to carry with you while you are visiting an area on foot, a hide-able money belt can be an effective theft deterrent.

Depending on the country or type of holiday you are planning, you may also want to address the needs of electrical or battery operated devices before you leave. In some countries you may need an electric outlet adapter in order for your items to charge.


Packing List for the Children

Children also require special travel accessories for their health and entertainment while away. Mosquito nets are very important to protect young babies in certain countries and items such as toiletries for young children that you are accustomed to may not be available in all countries so be certain to bring plenty of supplies along with you.


Packing Accessories for Comfort

Toiletries for yourself are also important as you may want to bring a laundry bag and products along with soap, toothbrush and travel sized conditioners, shampoos, and other bath products that you frequently used. Remember to take any medication with you for the period of your holiday.

There are many other useful items such as an eye mask to aid in sleeping either in your accommodation or on a flight, where a wrap around neck cushion can also help you to get a couple of hours sleep. A small hand held battery fan or a basic hand fan can be a big help in keeping cool.


Suitcase Packing Tips

When packing do not put one person’s clothes all in one suitcase, that way if one of the suitcases get’s lost, you all will have some items of clothing. Remember not to pack things that you will need while travelling, especially if you have kids who have their favorite toy.

I always roll up my clothes because they get less creased; some people prefer to lay the items flat. So, go with whatever you prefer but make sure that any liquids are well sealed in a bag so that leakages do not happen, that’s a big lesson I learnt when I first started travelling.


Keep Dirty Items Separate

It is also a good idea to carry a few plastic bags, just to put in dirty clothes and so that your entire luggage does not become dirty when packing to come home. The main thing is not to over pack your suitcase because you do not want to be carrying heavy suitcases filled with clothes you’ll never wear.


Pack Your Suitcase Sensibly

Be sensible, think about what you are putting in your suitcase, and especially your hand luggage. I remember I packed a corkscrew in my hand luggage and I had to go through a full security check. Be careful and think about what you are putting in your suitcase, it’ll save you time.


Travel Light

Nowadays with airlines reducing baggage allowances, and increasing extra charges for suitcases it is probably a good idea to travel light. When you are going away on holiday have a think and say to yourself, do I really need to take this and its surprising how much you take out.