Going on an Elephant Safari in India

Going on an Elephant Safari in India


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India safari on elephant

While a good many people travel by car in India, you can take a more exotic trek through the Indian jungles by going on an elephant safari. Mahouts are the trainers and drivers of elephants. Therefore, they are frequently the designated guides of any safari or expedition that features the use of elephants.


The Best Places to Ride an Elephant through the Jungle

Assam and Uttaranchal

If you want to trek through India’s jungles by using an elephant for transport then, the best areas to do so are either in eastern India, namely Assam, or in the northern part of the country through the forests of Uttaranchal.

Take Part in an Elephant Safari in the Periyar National Park

Or, you may want to go on elephant safari in the state of Kerala in southwest India. The Periyar National Park is a good place to begin your trip. Some safaris that are offered in India include tiger spotting too.


The Himalayas – Another Place where you can Ride Elephants

Many mahouts and elephants in India are considered employees of the Forest Department in that country, so you can find ample opportunity to ride an elephant if you visit the forested regions in the aforementioned locales. In addition, safari adventures are offered in the Himalayas as well.


Riding an Elephant in Jaipur – Visiting the Amer Fort

The city of Jaipur also provides elephant transport too. Elephants are used in the area to navigate precipitous terrain and transport visitors to imposing structures like the Amer Fort, which is located at the top of a forested hill. In fact, the fort is one of the major tourist attractions in the Jaipur area. Jaipur is the biggest city as well as the capital of Rajasthan, a state in India.


Elephants are Often Featured in Religious Ceremonies and Festivals

Many religious ceremonies or festivals are held in India that feature elephants and mahouts as well. So, regardless of whether you partake in a safari or watch elephants on parade, you’ll be able to enjoy a unique and interesting activity.