Florentine Cuisine

Florentine Cuisine


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Florentine Cuisine - Antipasto
Florentine Cuisine – Antipasto


They say that you can read a country’s soul through its food. Lets explore the soul food of Florence!

Travel to Europe is bound to be taken for culinary experiences as well as the usual shopping, antiquities and so on. Getting to grips with a region’s food is not only good fun – it makes it that much easier to comprehend local history and how the residents tick!

Authentic Florentine fare is based on beans, grilled meats and rustic Italian bread, thus making the best use of the local resources. But you must also add time, a crucial ingredient that makes the food so much more enjoyable, the experience relaxing and an opportunity to share news and see the family!

Starting with Antipasto (a starter, usually sliced salami such as prosciutto, soppressata or crostini, chicken or goose liver pate, capers, anchovies and fresh onions) is followed by the Primi Piatti (1st dishes), comprising a choice of soup, pasta, gnocchi or polenta. Ribollita soup comprises cannellini beans and various vegetables, with bread and tomato soup (tomatoes, bread, garlic, basil, and olive oil) being another excellent local choice. Alternatively, the salad panzanella (fresh vegetables, tomatoes and stale bread) may also contain capers, anchovies, celery, carrots, lettuce, white or red wine, red onion, cucumber, tuna, parsley, mint, bell peppers, lemon juice and/or garlic – whatever’s available at the time of year, you get the drift!

Make sure you visit Florence on your Europe tour and try the food! And, when suitably full, have a look at our suggestions for more top Florence attractions!