Bolivia Travel Guide and Travel Information

Bolivia Travel Guide and Travel Information


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Rock Valley - Andes, Bolivia
Rock Valley – Andes, Bolivia


A Country Steeped in Tradition

Bolivia is a landlocked country located in Central South America. It lies between Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The Bolivian landscape is diverse and spectacular.

The Altiplano is a densely populated highland plateau north of the world’s highest lake the Lake Titicaca. Highland valleys lay east of the Altiplano. The Yungas region lies between the frozen peaks of the Andes and the teeming Amazon rainforestChaco is the uninhabited plain between the Paraguayan and Argentinean borders. The Amazon Basin with its swamps and rain forest pulsate with exotic flora and fauna.

Bolivia remains largely underdeveloped and isolated with a traditional population which still resides in traditional dwellings and uses time honored agricultural techniques for food production. Ancient techniques for weaving, spinning and handicrafts have also been kept alive by the Bolivians.

Indigenous music consisting of evocative and somber Andean music as well as tunes composed with musical instruments native to the region form an important part of  the Bolivian culture as do native dances such as the cueca, auqui-auqui and tinku.

The Bolivian capital La Paz is the highest capital city in the world at 3600m (11,800ft), and a UNESCO declared world heritage site due to its rich history and colonial Spanish architecture. In La Paz, one can often spot an Andean woman in the traditional and colorful Bolivian garb. You can also buy traditional handicrafts such as alpaca wool products, handcrafted silver trinkets, paintings, and unique musical instruments.

Bolivia is the country of many diverse regions and climates and an indigenous people is a veritable delight for the intrepid traveler.