An Introduction to Traveling in Europe

An Introduction to Traveling in Europe


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Bulgaria - Rila Monastery - UNESCO Site
Bulgaria – Rila Monastery – UNESCO Site by archer10 (Dennis)(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Travel Made Easier

Indeed, times have changed as one can travel the whole span of Europe quite easily today. With the removal of former barriers, such as the Berlin Wall, and the implementation of the Euro as currency, traveling through Europe has been made simpler and much more convenient.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, technology in the form of plane and train travel makes traveling from one place to another an easier transition too.


Improved Technologies

However, technology does have its drawbacks at times as the increased amount of the traffic can also increase travel stress as well. Nonetheless, should you have the inclination to explore Europe, you can visit a variety of countries today without too much difficulty.


Popular Central European Countries

Today, London is the most popular travel destination in Europe – not surprising, what with its many historic attractions, hotels, and gardens. Central Europe also attracts a consistent flow of visitors to such major European countries as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK.


Eastern European Travel

With the Berlin Wall no longer standing too, you can enjoy a pleasant trip to such Eastern European countries as Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic.
Ease of travel can also direct you into Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania – all which were under the rule and domain of Moscow at one time.


Why the Euro Makes Travel Easier

As of this date, seventeen of the countries in Europe use the Euro for currency – all, again, which makes traveling in Europe just that much more attractive. Use of the Euro means visitors do not have to exchange currency every time they cross the border into another country too.


Old World Charm and History

Therefore, traveling in Europe is indeed a worthwhile adventure. While the technologies and currencies have changed, Europe’s Old World Charm and history remain – making travel on the continent an ideal way to experience and appreciate a variety of cultures and activities.