7 Things to Do or Sites to See in Athens, Greece

7 Things to Do or Sites to See in Athens, Greece


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Things to see in athens greece
Street dancers at Monastiraki Square, Athens, Greece


Searching for interesting things to do in Athens is not a difficult undertaking as the Ancient metropolis is home to Greek ruins as well as contemporary structures and restaurants and shopping. So, be sure to include the following sites and activities in your travel plans.


1. Visit the Acropolis

Naturally, no trip to Athens is complete without a visit to the Acropolis Constructed on the high Acropolis plateau, the monument offers spectacular views and buildings that include:

The Parthenon;
The Erechtheion; and
The Temple of Athena Nike.

2. Stroll, Dine and Shop on the Streets of the Plaka

The Plaka, the oldest neighborhood in Athens, is a pedestrian area that is home to cafes, shops, and museums. Visit exhibits at the Museum of Greek Folk Art, the Jewish Museum of Greece, and the Athens University Museum. Located in the northern and eastern foothills of the Acropolis, the community also features the oldest thoroughfare in the city – Adrianou Street.


3. Enjoy a Traditional Meal at One of the Cafes or Tavernas on Adrianou


Speaking of which, Adrianou Street is the perfect spot to drop into a Greek restaurant and enjoy a traditional meal. Some of the eateries feature bouzouki music and many highlight Greek fare, such as kalamarakia (stuffed squid) or psaronefi (pork loin roasted on a spit).


4. Visit the Attractions on Monastiraki Square

One of the loveliest squares in the city, Monastiraki Square was once home to a large monastery. However, the building was torn down during the 1800s when archaeological excavations were being conducted at the time. Monastiraki, which means little monastery, is still home to the Byzantine Church of the Pantanassa, which was built in the 1600s and has been recently restored.

You can also view and visit the Tzistarakis Mosque on the square’s southern section. The building displays ceramic artworks, all which are part of the Museum of Greek Folk Art’s collections. Stop by the once-a-week flea market when visiting the square as well.


5. See the City from the Highest Point, or Lycabettus Hill

A perfect spot for photographers and sightseers, Lycabettus Hill provides unparalleled views of Athens and the Acropolis. At the top of the hill is a restaurant, theater and the whitewashed Chapel of St. George, built in the 1800s. Climb up the incline or take the funicular or cable rail to the highest point.


6. Visit the Ancient Agora Sites

The Agora, noted as being an Ancient Greek gathering place, features excavations that include a concert hall as well as a number of temples. Visit the museum at the site, which can be found at the Stoa of Attalos. Displays include coins, statues, and collections from the 5th to 7th centuries as well as Byzantine pottery.


7. View a Movie at the Thiseion Cinema

You’ll love this open-air movie theater that is located on the southern section of the Acropolis. See classic cinema after the sun goes down.